What is the Web Stack!!!???

Sat, 9 December 2017
2 min read

Someone can ask you, "What is your stack?"/ "Which stack used in your project?"/ Which stack does your company use?

In this post i share what I known about Web Stack.

Web stack

Web stack is the collection of the technologies/tools used for web development.

There are three types of Web Stack, namely FrontEnd, BackEnd and Full Stack.

FrontEnd Stack

This stack work with languages that render with browser. It's also called client side. The developer who work with this stack is called FrontEnd Developer, and normally they work with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It's called FrontEnd Stack because present stuff that you see on website and interact with. HTML is used for defines the structure of the webpage, CSS is used for style HTML document and JavaScript is used for adding logic and interactivity to the webpage.

BackEnd Stack

This stack work with languages that building the actual logic behind the application. It's also called server side. The developer who works with this stack is called BackEnd Developer. Often FrontEnd development work is more about creating user interfaces while BackEnd development implementing the actual business logic that makes the app work. In BackEnd Stack most of action is not happen in front of user but in the server and background. BackEnd Developer work with server side scripting languages and database languages. Server side scripting languages are languages that run on the server, example PHP, NodeJs, Python and ASP.NET. They used to create communication between user, server and database. Database languages are used for read, update, delete and create data in the database. There are two broad categories of database language, namely SQL(Relational Database) and NoSQL(Non-Relational Database).

Full Stack

This stack work with both FrontEnd and BackEnd stack. Being a Full Stack developer require you to know about all the FrontEnd and BackEnd technologies.